Thursday, July 29, 2010

The County Fair

Fer Pioneer Day Weekend we swung on down t' Colorado Springs t' pick up our nephews and niece fer some fun. We all had a hay day at the County Fair here in Arapahoe County. Elodie sho nuff got herself her face painted and said she reckoned she liked that more 'en anything else we did do at that fair.

Xander fer one liked that there tractor pull. The rodeo was pretty exciting, too. Xander had fun hollerin' and cheerin' fer that last bull named Ziggy. We reckon the cheerin' worked 'cause he threw that crazy cowboy off him perty darn quick like.

O' course Xander had to get him his face all painted up, too, and he was perty happy with the manly results.

Then those model trains had him all excited and giddy. That boy sho is easy to please. He didn't seem to mind none that we didn't get to do one single ride not even the Ferris Wheel. All or nothin' rides sho is hogwash. Nothin' fair 'bout that.

We came home tired but down right happy. Xander wanted to make sho before bed that he could go back to the fair every year. He worried his head a bit when he realized we're movin' away from these parts before next summer. Knowin' there's Fairs all over this fine country helped him settle right in fer sleep.