Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

Hazel gave me my favorite Christmas present of the year: she truly slept through the night for the first time! On Christmas Eve I fed her at 8:30ish while I was muddling through "The Night Before Christmas" for the children who were nestled all snug in the beds. (Once upon a time I had that memorized. Hmmm.) Christmas morning, Hazel didn't wake me up until 5:45! If only I had gone to bed when she did I would have felt like a million bucks! (But thanks to Elder Mazzagardi, I am working on my night owl tendencies and someday soon I'll arise from my bed at 5:45 and feel my body and mind invigorated. It can be done!) As a bonus, Hazel was still tired after I fed her, so I tucked her back in bed and slept some more until Aaron woke me up at 7:45, declaring that he was too excited to sleep. For the record, Xander and Elodie slept just fine for another half hour! I guess Aaron is still a kid at heart--I think his favorite Christmas present was the two-pack of Nerf guns Xander got for "him." I love my boys!

Back to Hazel. It seems the sleeping through the night gift wasn't a fluke! She's done it every night since then! As Babywise calls it, we got the "gift of nighttime sleep." Sunday night I somehow got to bed early (for me, 11:00 is early) and enjoyed an unbelievable 8 hours in a row. Wow, it was beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful, my kids are, but we're a bit unsettled now and I can't find my camera cord, so hang tight for pictures.