Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Finally Finished

Whew--I took my Linear Algebra Final this afternoon! And while it would feel a bit better to have aced it, it feels plenty good to just be done with it! That procrastination factor sure made it pretty all-consuming the past few weeks!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Always Good for a Laugh

(Me, trying to find the eigenvalue of matrix A using the characteristic polynomial.)
Xander: Mom, do the funniest word ever!
Me: (distractedly) What's the funniest word ever?
Elodie: Stinky!
Elodie and Xander: (confirming that she's right) Giggle, chuckle, giggle.
Me (muttering to myself, unaware that anyone is listening): Now, how do I find the eigenvector?
Elodie: (bossily) You tan't find the eidenvector.
Personally, I think the word eigenvector, coming from Elodie's high-pitched, well-enunciated little toddler voice, is far funnier than "stinky." But maybe that's because I've grown numb to the funniness of "stinky" due to severe overuse around here!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pack, Unpack, Repack

The middle of May, Aaron finished finals and began his relaxing summer "break." Pack. Fly to San Diego. Come home. Unpack. Do laundry. Repack. Go on an 11-yr-old scout camp out. Come home. Unpack. Do laundry. Repack. Go to Sterling for a week and live in the dorms. Friday night, come home. Unpack (i.e. throw it all in a laundry basket). Do laundry. Madly repack. Leave for Texas Saturday morning. Come home Saturday night (two weeks later). Unpack. Mow the jungle of a lawn. Do laundry. Repack. Thursday morning, drive to Utah for a family reunion. Come home Tuesday night. Unpack. Do laundry. Replace a door. Mow the lawn. Repack. Fly to Alaska Saturday morning. Come home Thursday morning (nearly three weeks later). Unpack. Wait for it to stop raining so Aaron can mow the jungle of a lawn. Do laundry.

The question is, should we leave the suitcases in our bedroom or stick them back in the crawl space while we enjoy our luxurious two weeks at home before we get to repack and head west for Morgan's wedding?