Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back in Business

We arrived in Alaska exactly two months ago today. Two months of being disconnected from the outside world, with only occasional, momentary snatches of what's going on out there. And now, finally, we have DSL at home!!!! When our first 5 or 6 phone calls to Alaska Communications got us nowhere, Aaron reminded me that it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease, so we squeaked. We were told that there was nothing they could do, our area was simply in a DSL freeze; they were not ALLOWED to sell us DSL. Comcast? They don't service Alaska. Other local companies? Only offer dial-up. Satellite internet? Costs almost $800 to install and usage is limited so you can't even watch Netflix instant stuff. We squeaked some more. And prayed desperately because I actually do not prefer isolation, I discovered. One blessed day, I called and actually talked to someone who was willing to check with the manager, who said that since someone had JUST cancelled their DSL service right here in our little town, we could nab that "spot" and get hooked up. They said it would be slow speed DSL, 1mb I believe she said, but anything was better than dial-up or it's more expensive but just as slow cousin, MiFi (in our remote area, that is). I could hardly believe my ears and felt both grateful and reserved. I had been told "yes" before only to have it squashed by a resounding "no." Last Thursday the technician did his thing and we got a home phone and the capacity for DSL, and today we got the ACS specific modem that actually made my dreams a reality. And to our surprise, it doesn't feel slow at all. We were even able to stream a little Tangled from Netflix. We could hardly believe our eyes!
If I weren't so tired, I'd begin my real blogging spree--our epic drive up here, the gorgeous scenery, Nauvoo, haircut, Hazel learning to crawl, pull up on furniture, cutting her first tooth, learning her first signs, Xander's first day of first grade, my random pontifications that I've been dying to share. But there will be another night, another naptime. Stay tuned. I've missed you!