Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alaska Highway Bike Trek

I just got home from biking 106 miles on the Alaska Highway with 5 other tough Alaskan ladies from our ward! We started at Mukluk land in Tok. Then we biked 53 miles to our campsite (AKA a large open space with a short gravel road where our support driver could drop our trailer and we could set up our tent and rough it wilderness style) and tried to sleep under the midnight sun after lots of laughing and chatting like girls at a slumber party. The rains and the wind beat upon our tent, but it did not tumble down nor did we get wet, which I consider great blessings! We woke up and pretended to feel rested enough to tackle the next 53 miles back to Delta. The view was gorgeous, like a little piece of heaven!
I am so glad that these ladies let me join them despite my utter lack of training! While it certainly reinforced lessons in enduring to the end, I loved it! Such a refreshing, physically demanding change of pace from the daily emotional demands of nurturing young children.

And wow am I sore!