Friday, May 15, 2009

North to Alaska

We have some friends from Canada, so Canada occasionally comes up in conversation. Wednesday was such a night. During dinner, Xander made some random comment about how cool Canada is.

Me: We're going to get to drive through Canada when we move to Alaska in a couple years....If the Lord wants us to move to Alaska.

Xander: I hear him.

Me (slightly confused): Who?

Xander: Jesus Christ. From way, way up in heaven.

Me: Oh, really? What is He saying?

Xander: He says it's OK for us to move to Alaska.

Aaron has trained him well, eh?


Morgan said...

haha that's classic! he's gonna make one heck of a missionary

Karey said...

So it's official then! That is hilarious!

Marliese said...

Wow, that will be an incredibly long drive from you plan to stay there forever? :) Nice that Xander is on board.