Saturday, August 8, 2009

Always Good for a Laugh

(Me, trying to find the eigenvalue of matrix A using the characteristic polynomial.)
Xander: Mom, do the funniest word ever!
Me: (distractedly) What's the funniest word ever?
Elodie: Stinky!
Elodie and Xander: (confirming that she's right) Giggle, chuckle, giggle.
Me (muttering to myself, unaware that anyone is listening): Now, how do I find the eigenvector?
Elodie: (bossily) You tan't find the eidenvector.
Personally, I think the word eigenvector, coming from Elodie's high-pitched, well-enunciated little toddler voice, is far funnier than "stinky." But maybe that's because I've grown numb to the funniness of "stinky" due to severe overuse around here!


Marliese said...

I can relate! I am often not amused by the juvenile subject matter that has my kids roaring with laughter. "Stinky" would probably still do it to them!

Also, should I be embarassed that I have no idea what an eigenvector is, nor have ever heard of it? Sounds German..

Morgan said...

i can totally picture odie reprimanding you in that little voice of hers. the question is, did you ever find that eigenvector, or was elodie right?

The Dahle Family said...

Oh, I prevailed and I found that slippery little eigenvector. And Marliese, no one should be embarrassed for not knowing what an EIGENvector is, it's way out there in mathematical lala land, but if you pronounce it with a long E instead of a long I (think Einstein), then it's time to start feeling sheepish.

Mirien said...

Zander and Elodie are so close in age that they can crack themselves up because they find the same things funny. Corinne doesn't have anyone like that around here--Jillian just gets annoyed. But put Corinne with her cousin, Aiden, and they laugh like crazy over everything.

And Monette, you are clearly having no problem living the principles from this month's VT message. Even though the only reason you are doing so is so you can blog about mathematical lala land and make us all feel that our minds have gone to jello because we can't even help our teenagers with their math homework.

Tracy said...

I'm terribly impressed, but also left wondering why you're dealing with eigenvectors (I'm proud to say I was pronouncing it correctly, call it dumb luck) at all? Is this part of keeping up your teaching certificate?