Thursday, December 17, 2009

Take your Hobby and Run with it!

I love cooking.
I love baking.
I love Christmas treat making.
I just finished making candy cane cookies to eat with hot chocolate after Christmas caroling. We've gone to Melayna's twice to use her stove (because our stove is acting rather unpredictable of late) to make peanut brittle and carmels.
I've made two batches of toffee on our own stove (it needs high temps and our stove still does that; it's medium and low that the units are periodically boycotting).
We've rolled peanut butter dough into buckeyes.
I've rolled and dipped coconut balls.
I baked Mexican Wedding Cakes.
We've covered the carmels and a pecan in chocolate to make turtles.
And I have all of the ingredients waiting to be turned into a few other Christmas goodies.

I've been enjoying my kitchen hobbies so much that Aaron had to make this rather reasonable suggestion one morning. "How about we get the house all clean and hold off on making any more treats until that's done? And then we can clean up the mess from candy-making right after, and the house will still be clean." Not a bad idea. Any hope of cleaning becoming as much of a hobby for me as baking?


Mirien said...

I can relate, but you've definitely got me beat in the treat making this year. I didn't make as many different varieties as you, and I did some of the same, but some different things, too, like peppermint fudge, sugared walnuts, and spritz. Good thing you had nine adults around to help eat it all. I still have too much hanging around that I'm trying not to eat!

Marliese said...

Yowza! That's a lot of treats! I like Aaron's very diplomatic suggestion. So funny...especially since I know how much he loves treats!