Friday, February 5, 2010

You are what you eat

The year I was born, President Benson said this regarding physical health and the Word of Wisdom:

"To a great extent we are physically what we eat. Most of us are acquainted with some of the prohibitions, such as no tea, coffee, tobacco, or alcohol. What need additional emphasis are the positive aspects--the need for vegetables, fruits, and grains, particularly wheat. In most cases, the closer these can be, when eaten, to their natural state-- without overrefinement and processing--the healthier we will be."

"To a significant degree, we are an overfed and undernourished nation digging an early grave with our teeth, and lacking the energy that could be ours because we overindulge in junk foods. ... We need a generation of young people who, as Daniel, eat in a more healthy manner than to fare on the "king's meat"--and whose countenances show it (see Daniel 1)."

(My dad emailed me an article containing this quote and my dietician sister posted this picture on her blog today; they are both great examples of this principle! They make ME look like a junk food junkie! These are great reminders and they go so well together that I thought I'd pass them along!)


Karey said...

I'm feeling better and better about the broccoli spinach pizza we just had for dinner! :)

Marliese said...

Thanks for sharing! You are not a junk food junkie--with your garden produce, and your whole wheat baked delicacies. But, yes, we can all do better!

merathon said...

glad you liked the picture. that's a great quote from President Benson!

(i gotta figure out why your blog updates are not showing up in my blog reader. i'm feeling out of touch since i just found these few posts i had missed!)

The Dahle Family said...

Mer--mine's been doing that lately too with various blogs; not with every blog, but the other day a new post on someone's didn't show up from mine, but I saw it on Mitchell's and checked it from there. Weird.