Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas to me!

Hazel gave me my favorite Christmas present of the year: she truly slept through the night for the first time! On Christmas Eve I fed her at 8:30ish while I was muddling through "The Night Before Christmas" for the children who were nestled all snug in the beds. (Once upon a time I had that memorized. Hmmm.) Christmas morning, Hazel didn't wake me up until 5:45! If only I had gone to bed when she did I would have felt like a million bucks! (But thanks to Elder Mazzagardi, I am working on my night owl tendencies and someday soon I'll arise from my bed at 5:45 and feel my body and mind invigorated. It can be done!) As a bonus, Hazel was still tired after I fed her, so I tucked her back in bed and slept some more until Aaron woke me up at 7:45, declaring that he was too excited to sleep. For the record, Xander and Elodie slept just fine for another half hour! I guess Aaron is still a kid at heart--I think his favorite Christmas present was the two-pack of Nerf guns Xander got for "him." I love my boys!

Back to Hazel. It seems the sleeping through the night gift wasn't a fluke! She's done it every night since then! As Babywise calls it, we got the "gift of nighttime sleep." Sunday night I somehow got to bed early (for me, 11:00 is early) and enjoyed an unbelievable 8 hours in a row. Wow, it was beautiful!

Speaking of beautiful, my kids are, but we're a bit unsettled now and I can't find my camera cord, so hang tight for pictures.


Milan said...

What!? You mean Aaron's favorite gift wasn't the 17 pound summer sausage I got for you guys!?

Ana Chang said...

That is an excellent Christmas gift! Esteban's Christmas gift to us was that he started laughing on Christmas day.

jessica said...

What a fabulous gift! I'm still dreaming of those days! I hope that is the beginning of a beautiful trend!

Marliese said...

Amazing that the night sleeping has continued. Yea!

It was amazing to see you in CO! All of you Dahles are so full of life and enthusiasm, making you so fun to be around. It was a blast.

Jan and Colleen Robison said...

thanks for the notes from the kids, I 'm glad you are sleeping again. Let us know your new address whenever you know. We love you all!

Patti said...

That's too cute! I especially liked that Aaron was so excited - I think Dane was a little that way too! :)
I'm so glad Hazel is sleeping so well! Eric is working on it, but he just likes to eat, so it's atleast 1-2 times every night.
Glad you had a nice Christmas! Are you enjoying Montana?