Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Little Big Sister

Having a little brother is really good for Hazel. It’s giving her the opportunity to more freely express her creative side. For the first 4 or 5 days of big sisterhood, she daily found a marker, pen, pencil or crayon and wrote on something other than paper. Her favorite was marker on various parts of her body. Either she grew tired of those media or we (finally) got better at corralling all markers because she then moved on to more fully express her creative side with the eye liner on toilet bowl. Yes, she drew inside the toilet with my eyeliner. We worked on our habit of keeping the bathroom door closed. Then it was marker on the couch and her sister’s feet—Elodie was engrossed in watching a show on Dad’s iPad and apparently didn’t notice what Hazel was up to in time to prevent her own feet from Hazel’s creative expressions. Come on, Elodie, help me out with this! Next, lipstick finger painted all over her own face. She is really enjoying the newfound freedom of an otherwise-occupied mother.


I’m pretty sure that face means, “Mind your own business and stop ruining my fun!”

Shortly after these escapades, she learned to open doors. I detest our door handles in this house and long for real knobs that require a little more grip and height! Now the whole house is her oyster. Yikes. We’re working on our habit of at least keeping the toilet closed. Yugh.


jessica said...

AGH! We have the same problem. The toilet lid and bathroom door! They both make a great canvas ;)

Rachel Sorber said...

Oh, my my my. How old is she now, again? Wow. Well, good luck with that. Maybe she'll find a more productive way to channel all of that creative energy. Have you tried putting her in the tub with those "washable" soap pens? I hear they can be a little messy...but maybe they'll give her a LESS messy outlet for her unexplainable feelings at the birth of her little brother? :) Good luck!