Thursday, May 10, 2012

Land of the Midnight Sun

Last night I was driving home at nearly midnight from cleaning our new place (we’re moving into a cheaper, smaller rental home to save money for a down payment so we can be homeowners again someday). Of course, the sun was not actually still up, but it wasn’t completely dark yet, either. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a completely dark night sky in a couple weeks. Max often sleeps through the night (one Sunday morning he slept until 8:20 and I had last fed him at about 10:30!! He’s a champ!), and when he doesn’t, he generally wakes me up around 4:30 to eat, which is just before sunrise and it’s pretty much light by then. It’s almost 10 now and the sun still hasn’t set. And it’s only the beginning of May! Getting here just after summer solstice last year, I didn’t realize how early in the year the Midnight Sun comes.

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merathon said...

we haven't talked in ages! i had to hear about your new place and new job from mom and melayna! let's talk soon.