Monday, January 28, 2013

That's More Like It!

Last night as we were going to bed and it was 42 below outside, I said to Aaron, "If it's -42, it might as well be -50 so they'll cancel school and I won't have to wait for the bus in this. A girl can dream, can't she?"

Well, lo and behold, dreams do come true. I woke up, checked our thermometer, it says -45, and then checked my phone and was rather excited to hear a voicemail from our dear superintendent informing us that school is canceled for the day! It must be 50 below or colder at the bus barn! Good thing I learned my lesson and checked my phone before dragging kids out of their cozy beds and into dangerous arctic conditions!


merathon said...

okay, you've given alaska a shot. time to come back to normal life in the continental U.S. where the average temperature is ABOVE zero!

Rachel Sorber said...

Wow. You know, I love hearing about all of your adventures, but I can't say that you make me want to ever move up there. I'm sure Alaska is beautiful--everyone says so--but it's just so stinkin' COLD!!! Stay warm!

Jan and Colleen said...

Hey its Nolan. If you haven't heard yet but we moved to Texas. Fifty below zero! Thats rediculis. How old is Xander. Man I can't believe I remember how to spell his name. He's like 7 right. How old is Elodie. Tell her I said happy birthday.In my new school I am in chior. Hopfully when I am in 7th grade I will play football. Well stay warm and have fun.