Sunday, August 24, 2014


We moved 3,500 miles across North America.

north america

Searched for the perfect house with land in the country.


Bought a great 120-year-old house with lots of character and a small yard in town. (This picture shows it in 1912, when it was 20 years old.)


Unpacked boxes. Tried to get organized. Made plans to build lots of shelves and custom built-ins to someday truly get organized.


Sent the kids off to their first week at a new school.


And with that, I’ve finally started to feel settled this week. Settled enough to do things that I haven’t done in months, like baking bread and making pizza from scratch. And things I may not do for months because we are about to be unsettled again by the arrival of a baby boy.



Patti said...

Yay! I'm so happy to hear about what's going on in your lives! We're about to have a baby boy in about 3-4 weeks. :) I love your new house! And my jaw literally dropped when I saw the pic of Xander and Elodie...they are SO grown up! So great to hear from you!!! Hugs from the Lemons!

jenna_enderle said...

What an awesome house! I grew up in old one, so I'm a sucker for big old houses -bonus if they have creaky wood floors and no air conditioning. :) Your belly looks just as huge as it did last time -excited to see the next Dahle member! Miss ya -Jenna

Alyssa said...

If only I could put school and life on pause and come and help you guys for a couple weeks when Baby Boy arrives! Love and miss you! -Alyssa

Jan and Colleen said...

Where are you now?

Laurel Lee Pedersen said...

Wow- so fun to see your house - and YOU! This looks like a project right out of "This Old House" on PBS. I bet it will be amazing!

Unknown said...
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Rachel Sorber said...

Wow, Monette! So much has happened in your lives! Xander and Elodie are so big I almost didn't recognize them, and I didn't know you were moving from Alaska- where are you living now? We just moved to England, and life is full for us, too. When are you due to deliver this new little boy? Congratulations!
Thanks for the pics and updates, Mo.
Love you...

merathon said...

we need more house pics, monette!

Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Monette you amazing woman. I love this! Congratulations on moving, on your soon-to-be baby boy, and on getting up the gumption to make homemade bread and pizza from scratch. Your new home looks beautiful and I love the old shot compared with the new-- look how big that front tree has grown! You really are amazing. Keep up the good work.