Sunday, August 13, 2017

Kaleb's Been Around for a Year?!?!

Kaleb is ONE! He has one little tooth, which broke through about one week ago, and he can stand up on his own for about one second. We think he is one delightfully precious little guy.

 Elodie enjoyed showing her love by baking him an exceptionally delicious chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate whipped cream. (Thank you and our dear friend who delivered this cake to us and introduced us to its wonders last year just after Kaleb's arrival.)

The first thing he noticed was that it was really fun to stick his finger in that fluffy stuff. He unselfishly offered the finger-full of whipped cream to everyone in his vicinity before even tasting it himself.

Being a baby, it didn't take long before he stuck it in his mouth. When he realized how amazing it tasted, he really dug in.

And then he just kept going and going. He had already eaten a huge heap of birthday curry, but that didn't prevent him from stuffing a remarkable amount of whipped cream and cake into his cute little face. He kept the crowd delighted with his classic chocolate beard and 'stache.

And even when we decided that the wise thing to do was to remove the huge cake from his tray because we couldn't see how a guy his size could fit another bite, his sweet pleading look as we pulled the cake away did convince us to leave a small piece on his tray. Kaleb is good at what he does--he found ways to remain the center of attention even while everyone was enjoying their own delicious slice of chocolaty goodness. (Elodie made an additional 9x13 cake that was undefiled--we did have company over, after all.) He started clapping out of excitement and LOVED it when everybody joined in clapping for him.

Then came the individual shout outs to his fans--the single-handed point.

 And the double.


The drawn-out, squinty blinks. Removing his bib and throwing it in a heap. Oh this kid was a ham! Sheer delight. 10 out of 10, Kaleb. Well done.

We couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable first birthday party! We sure love this wonderful little addition to our family and can hardly imagine our family without him!

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