Saturday, June 19, 2010


The first thing I heard out of Elodie this morning was a sneeze. And then another. Followed by this statement, "I hate allergies. I wish I was a boy and didn't have allergies!" Now I think her wish to be a boy is only based on the issue at hand and the sample size she's familiar with: our little family. Here in the Dahle house, Mom and Elodie have the hayfever seasonal allergies and the dry itchy eczema skin and Dad and Xander don't. Lucky boys.


Marliese said...

I h-a-t-e allergies, too. It's an unfortunate trait to inherit for sure. Glad Xander escaped it!

Mirien said...

The only one of my kids who is allergy prone is Evan--a boy!

The Dahle Family said...

Mirien, we'll have to point that out to Elodie when Evan's here so she can revamp her theory!