Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back at the Home Front

This is Elodie right after dropping Xander off at school yesterday. Her face seems to say, "What am I going to do all day without Xander?" Sometime after lunch yesterday, I suggested to Elodie that she go up to her room to play. She came down after just a minute saying, "I already played with everything in my room." Things sure do feel different with just one kid around! It makes me even more excited for the new baby to arrive! That oughtta keep Elodie busy!


Rachel Sorber said...

Awww! School starts for Natalie next week. Reading your posts about Xander have made me all sentimental! I haven't given much thought to it all yet, but I'm sure next week it'll hit me... Thanks for posting!

Karen said...

Monette, I have been w-a-y behind in keeping up with everyone's blogs, and I just read your last several posts. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! Second, congrats on the big first day of school for Xander! He sounds absolutely delightful, and I think we could all use a dose of his personality to start each day!! Third, thanks for your words of wisdom about being "ok". Great insight from a wise-beyond-her-years mom. If I ever write down my "Most Admired People" list, you will find yourself right at the top. I love you!

Keri Oke said...

Hey Monette, My name is Keri I got your blog address from a friend of Sister Shaffer's here in carson. I think Karen is your Aunt or something. Im not sure. either way I wanted to thank you for your words of encouragment. Its so nice to know someone else is on the same kinda of path in life as I am. This past winter we were pregnant wiht our 4th and misscarried 2 months later. I have enver experienced anything like that after hving 3 healthy perfect kids. I felt the same way to did. Ready for the Lord to bless us with another spirit when ready. Turns out I got pregnant 2 months after the misscarriage and have many scares positive tests for down syndrome. For a long time I thought why cant I have "Normal" child like every other mother has a normal 4th. why now in my motherhood does childbearing have to be so hard and so trying. After my coupld days of pitty parties I decided to ask close friends ad fmaily to fast and pray for our family, me as a mother and my unborn child. I do now know the fate of this child or what is to come. I have denied the amnio and am due mid january. After the fast and many of my long pleading prayers I am filled with an amundanc eof peace and stillness I can even describe. and when I read your blog it was as if I myself feel the same way you do. not sure what OK means or what FINE means but the spirit has confied to me that my child will both be fine and OK. I dont allow myself like i did with my misscarriage to dwell and analize the meaning beind ok for with my misscarriage the Lords diffinition of Ok was different then my mortal viw of that word. Its sure has been a journey for me and my husband, but through this journey we are filled with so much peace and joy. Nice meeitng you and thanks for lifting me up beleiveing that much more in my peace and stillness.

Keri -

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