Friday, January 28, 2011


If you think Montana's No Fun, you haven't tried Montana's Snow Fun!
Our first weekend here, we went sledding with Uncle Bill, Chelsea, and Jordan. Aunt Melody was nice enough to take baby duty so I could get in on the fun, too. OK, Uncle Bill didn't actually sled per se, but he did drag us around for a pretty wild ride behind his 4-wheeler (to avoid the trudge-up-the-hill piece of sledding--we didn't want to risk getting any exercise).
Xander and Elodie declared it the most fun EVER. (They do that a lot. They're really good at living in the moment.) Aaron and I couldn't get enough of their hysterical laughter as Uncle Bill towed them around and around the loop. It was priceless.
Aaron has been enjoying the luxury of not working on Saturdays. (It's been YEARS since he actually had real weekends. Having to be at work at 6:30 Saturday mornings kinda put a damper on Friday night. But no more.) Xander's been enjoying it, too. A couple weeks ago in family counsel, Xander informed us that one thing we could do to make our family better was for Dad to build a snow fort with him on Saturday. He looked forward to it all week. And this tunnel-like fort with its two entrances did not disappoint. (Although he was a little disappointed today when he discovered that the wind had completely erased their fort. I tell you what, the wind sure does blow up here!)
Xander has gotten to be a pro at putting on his snow gear--he does it 5 times a day! Wearing full snow gear on the bus and at recess is a must.
Elodie doesn't venture out as much as her fearless brother who seems to not even notice the cold. She's pretty happy to hang out with me and Hazel where it's warm.
But today, it was actually above freezing! Elodie joined Xander outside when the bus dropped him off and they had fun sliding down the snow drifts and just tromping around in the deep stuff.
I generally prefer to stay inside and enjoy the views. This is what we see through the huge windows by the kitchen table--aahhhh, the tranquil life.
I must say I am impressed with how well the county maintains our dirt road. I see the trucks out there plowing almost daily. And they have some serious snow plows out here! They look nothing like the ones you see on the streets of Denver.

Winter is definitely winter up here and we are loving it!


merathon said...

those are quite the snow plows! i bet that view from the kitchen in the summer is breathtaking!

definitely looks like you lucked out in the house department! you're getting spoiled with that kitchen, aren't you? 15 lbs of flour? wow!

Stephenson family said...

ahh, fun! Makes me remember fun times! Aaron, do you remember that snow fort that you, Ben, and somebody else made in our back yard the year that they cancelled school for like a week?

Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

So, I lived in Montana for a while when I was young, and my dad used to pull us on a tire behind his truck for sledding. In fact, we did this while looking for a Christmas tree to cut down. I actually prefer warmer weather, but Montana has great snow!!!

Sarah said...

That is a LOT of snow! I remember building some pretty awesome snow forts as a kid and sleeping in them overnight. I'm not sure what happened to me, because now I'm a cold wimp! I much prefer watching it from the comfort of indoors. That's great that he's gotten so good at getting his gear on and off by himself!