Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arctic Adventurers

Saturday Night, March 26
Our first night in Kotzebue (we flew in at about 8pm)
This is what I would have blogged if we were connected to the rest of the world via the world wide web. Don't worry, the WORLD WIDE web has made it to Kotzebue, just not to our hotel. I had to use a notebook and pen. Weird.

WHOA! I am in the Arctic Circle. I just ate surprisingly delicious Schechwan Vegetables, Potstickers, and Orange Chicken (at the Empress Restaurant) as I watched the sun begin to set over the frozen Bering Sea. Beautiful. And surreal.
And the short walk (2 buildings down) back to the Nullagvik Hotel (which you can apparently just call The Hotel because it's the only one in town to speak of)? Completely FREEZING! Like leave my hat, coat, and boots on for five minutes after coming inside freezing. Like, Arctic freezing. Like, what am I thinking taking my baby out in this?!?!?! freezing.

And now it's 10:00, it's not totally dark yet, and I'm being serenaded "I've Got Friends in Low Places" by a group of guys through these thin hotel walls. Karaoke anyone? Looks like "We will Rock You" is coming up next.

Could I really see myself living here? Calling it home, even for a little while? Whoa. The Arctic Circle. My mind is blown.


Rachel Sorber said...

Wow. That IS Arctic. Are there any trees up there at all?

Mirien said...

Home sweet home???