Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eight is Great

Eight years ago today was a pretty big day in the whole scheme of things--a new eternal family began. That's pretty huge to begin something that doesn't have to end. And I'd say after these eight years that this adventure called family life is beyond great. I've told Aaron many times that he should give good husband lessons. He is just so unbelievably good to me. It makes me think of some sweet, wise words spoken by Aaron's Dad. We were down in Texas celebrating their 50th anniversary and I heard someone ask him, "Wow, 50 years, how did you do it?" He replied humbly, "well, it wasn't hard, being married to her." That's how I feel about Aaron; it isn't hard being married to him.
Well, I was going to do something all cute and sappy and list eight of the reasons I love him, but then Hazel woke up screaming. Followed by Xander, who had a fever, and then Elodie, who heard the crying and figured she should join in. They are all sleeping snug in their beds again. But now I'm not feeling it, so no sappy list tonight. Just a simple, "Happy Anniversary, honey!"


merathon said...

and he's a great brother in law too, so thanks for bringing him into the family, monette!

Marliese said...

Ahh, cute picture of a great guy. He really could give lessons...I know I could learn lots from him--he has a heart of gold!