Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hazel is One!

Hazel's first birthday party was just perfect. We invited some people over to stand in for grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins, which definitely helped boost the fun level. You can't really ask a one-year-old what she wants for her birthday dinner, but potatoes and milk seem to be her favorites, so I made a creamy potato/broccoli/cauliflower soup and she loved it. Of course, what she was really looking forward to was the cake. When she saw her cake on the counter throughout the day, she would both sign "more" and say, "ma!" and occasionally really try to sweeten it up by rubbing a "please" on her chest. So when it was finally time to eat it, and we put the teddy bear's head on her tray, she was so excited she was bouncing around! She is so adorable!Xander and Elodie thoroughly enjoyed watching Hazel have her way with her cake.
Her face dive was their favorite part. You can enjoy watching it, too, right here! As you can see, Hazel LOVED the attention!


Mirien said...

My favorite part of the video is listening to Xander and Elodie laugh their heads off. And that picture of Hazel at the top? So adorable. Did you take it?

merathon said...

my girls enjoyed this little video this morning before they left for school. they were saying, "why is everybody laughing so hard?"

well, i thought it was funny at least!

The Dahle Family said...

Mirien, I did not take that picture. In case you haven't noticed, I have ZERO knack for photography. My new friend here (the one who filled in for an aunt and whose kids I watch everyday and who works at the clinic with Aaron) just told me one day that she was going to take my kids' pictures when she came to pick up her kids that day. Hazel wasn't in the best mood, so not many smiles, but I love how this one turned out!!

And Meredith, if your girls had been there in person, I'm sure they would have been laughing right along with Xander and Elodie! We definitely miss those frequent family get togethers. I really do feel SO far away! PLEASE plan a family reunion so I have a good reason to come to the lower 48 to visit!

Marliese said...

Happy Birthday, cute Hazel! You are adorable! Don't grow up too fast so we don't miss all of your babyhood!