Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back in the Arctic Groove

It seems that for the first time since Max joined our family, we're starting to get back into a family routine. I'm loving it! We get the kids off to school and then we get to enjoy the quiet of some little kid time with just Hazel and Max. Hazel really seems to be thriving with the extra attention that entails. Max has gotten back on a baby-friendly schedule and is a good sleeper again. He's even making some progress in the eating mush department.

Walking the kids to the bus stop at 33 below, however, does still feel a bit more like an ordeal than routine. I think even that is on its way to feeling like just another normal day in the arctic. (OK, subarctic, but close enough!) Wearing long underwear? Routine. Bundling to the hilt to go anywhere? Routine. Checking the wood stove to see if I need to shove in another log? Pretty routine. Going outside to get more wood when our stash gets low? Ordeal. I guess life as a frontierswoman is not quite routine yet.


Marc and Miriam Deru said...

Brrrr! I feel cold just reading it! Sounds like happy times with Hazel and Max. They sure are cute!

Sarah said...

Wow, that is cold! So glad your family is all back together again and on a comfortable routine. I'm sure these past few months haven't been the easiest!