Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Extreme Enough

Wow, the cold got so bitter that they actually canceled school! I can hardly believe it! If only I had checked and discovered that fact before I yanked my kids from their cozy beds and sent them off to the bus that wasn't coming, we could have had a really cozy, relaxing morning. I did check our thermometer, and it was at -42, as it was all day yesterday, so school being cancelled didn't occur to me. They cancel at -50 around here. Apparently the official temp in town was cold enough, if only I had heard the message the assistant superintendent left at 5:50 this morning. Gratefully I didn't walk the kids to the bus as I've done every other day. That would have been seriously dangerous! Aaron is usually at work by the time we leave, but he was catching a few extra minutes of sleep to make sure he'd knocked out the virus that kept him home yesterday, so he took the kids to the bus on his way to work. And waited and waited, making him later and later for work, until a friend drove by down the highway and told him the news. I tell ya, yesterday while I was waiting for almost 10 minutes for the bus after school at -42, getting utterly chilled to the bone, I was wondering why the cancellation cutoff wasn't 40 below! So hooray for a day to snuggle by the fire!!

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