Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's a Zoo!

For weeks before Halloween, Elodie would report "I be a giraffe and Xander be a monkey" whenever Halloween, monkeys, or giraffes came up in conversation.

She and Xander both really got the trick-or-treating thing this year and were pretty into holding out their bags when they saw more and more treats being dumped in. This picture was taken before we started trick-or-treating, which is why Xander looks a bit unhappy--he saw no reason to delay. And that's what Elodie does when I ask her to smile on command.

Aaron and I were the zookeepers, and yes, that little monkey did bite right through his banana peel and ate it before we even started the night. So much for his accessory!

We carved one of our MANY home-grown pumpkins for Family Home Evening before Halloween. That explains why the pumpkin's irregular, slightly reddish, mottled, and squirrel-bitten. It looked the least appetizing so we chose it for our jack-o-lantern instead of using it for pumpkin muffins, pumpkin soup, pumpkin stew, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, baked pumpkin, or dinner in a pumpkin. All of which we have indeed eaten in the last month! Maybe next year we won't plant two full seed packets of pumpkins!

This picture was taken back in September when our pumpkin patch was still lush. As soon as the pumpkins realized it was fall, the patch, which we planted in front right around our mailbox, became a bit of an eyesore. I guess we were a little odd to plant part of our vegetable garden in the front yard. But if you taste one of our chocolate chip pumpkin muffins you won't mind odd anymore!


Morgan said...

Way to go on the blogging! I'd make one too, but it seems to be a 'married with children' type of a trend. unless of course everyone wants to hear about my creative dinner ideas, my fhe groups, and my decisions to go to class or not.

Matthew K said...

this is Karey. what a cute little family! So glad we can keep up with you in the blogging world :)
FYI, Lincoln was NOT ready for sleep training (or maybe I wasn't enough of a sleep dictator) at 2 months. Worst few days of our life together :( So here we are at 4, and I'm thinking about it again...
Love you guys!

Mirien said...

Your costumes are so cute and I'm jealous of all the pumpkins! We got one single pumpkin this year and it wasn't very big. I, too, have been making pumpkin everything but I have to buy canned pumpkin! Good job with the garden!

Melanie said...

I really love when one more family member comes into the blogging world. Woo hoo! Glad we can keep in touch this way.