Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please Welcome the Dahles to Blogland!

Xander's face says it all--we are EXCITED to join the world of blogging! We are grateful for the technology that allows our scattered extended family to keep up with our growing little family. We certainly enjoy keeping up with you bloggers out there, so now it won't be so one-sided. However, the title does not mean that you'll be hearing from us daily by any means, rather that it will give you an occasional taste of daily life with the Dahle's.


Ransoms said...

THey are too cute!! Little blondies. That Aaron is a cutie, too, with his pumpkin. Nice work on the blog!

Chris said...

This is Tina!

Yay for blogs! I love it. I have been thinking about doing one for our family as well. I think it definately is the way to stay in touch!

You know, your kids are getting cuter and cuter! We miss and love you guys. Hey- Trent really likes the dermatologist, and things are going great.

Thanks guys so much. I'll let you know when we get our blog set up! I sure hope you blog as often as you can. It'll be great to keep in touch this way.

Sarah said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you guys have a blog now! I'm still waiting for my family to jump on the band wagon...I haven't given up hope yet. Xander and Elodie have gotten so big since we last saw them. Could that really have been a year ago?! They're adorable. Also, congratulations on the pregnancy!

Mirien said...

Hooray! Why didn't you tell me you have a blog? I found the link to it on Karey's site! I look forward to keeping up with your lives. Love you!