Sunday, April 12, 2009


Aaron has long loved this thought from President Lorenzo Snow's biography. Last night the concept came to our minds again and as we reread it, it described our experience perfectly.

"How illy were we qualified one year ago to pass through the scenes through which we have been led with success! From which, let us realize the folly of an over anxiety to pry into scenes that are lying before us inasmuch as God will prepare the way by a gradual process, step by step; and leading us forward in a manner that will prove easy, as we pass along, but which, if presented to our view at once, would seem insurmountable.

Inasmuch as we are disposed to do right, we may learn from the past year's experience, that those things which we are called to suffer, produce a very different effect upon the mind from what we should anticipate if they were presented before us in prospect; producing pleasure and satisfaction where we would look for misery. While we reflect with astonishment on the past, we may be instructed to set our hearts at rest with regard to the future."

Exactly. Isn't that a miracle?


Sarah said...

How eloquent. I really like that quote! Thanks for sharing.

I love your "ups and downs" stories. Xander telling you to put your hair "down" is so classic. Benjamin thinks my hair needs to be down all the time too. Silly boys.

Phillips Clan said...

It's amazing all the little daily miracles that come together to help us through the rough times. We are truly in the Lord's hands.

We cannot choose what happens to us, we can only choose how we respond to it, and the example we set for others. You are a great example to all those who you have touched.

Love, Roxane