Saturday, April 11, 2009

More "Ups" and "Downs"

Last night we had some friends from our ward over. We feel a new bond with them because about 3 weeks ago, their beautiful baby boy was born and had to spend a couple of weeks in the NICU learning to eat. Gratefully, he is now home and eating fine, but he's still on a little oxygen. So when they came over yesterday, Elodie saw the little baby boy in a carseat with a nasal cannula, and exclaimed, "Dexter's not with Heavenly Father anymore!" I finally convinced her that this was actually Porter, a special friend of Dexter's, not Dexter himself (which she was perfectly OK with). She doted on Porter the rest of the evening. This morning Porter came up in conversation again, and I was explaining to Xander that Porter has something called Down's Syndrome. I asked Xander if he remembered what disorder Dexter had. "Umm, Ups Syndrome?"

Porter was born 4 weeks early, and he's only 3 weeks old, and he has Down's Syndrome. But as I was holding him last night, I was amazed by how far ahead of three-month old Dexter he already is! Whoa. Once again I felt that reassurance that the Lord's timing was perfect.

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The Easton Family said...

Thanks again you guys... we had a really great time--especially in the disco room! :)