Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back Together for the Jamboree

Lowe Reunion Days! Please pass the ketchup! While we were together drinking homemade root beer and gobbling down the homemade ice cream, we wondered why our old family reunion song didn't say "Please pass the root beer." I'm sure Grandpa Lowe had his reasons! With nearly all 100 of the Nola and Julian posterity there, we sure had a blast! Elodie thoroughly enjoyed the chance to play with HER cousins. She calls the boy ones XANDER'S cousins. Elodie even got some chances to dote on "tute baby Haley."Evan and Grant are so good at including Xander as one of the big guys. He idolizes them both! I believe his last words to Evan before we drove off were, "You're awesome!" Personally, I think Jill is rather awesome. I even honored her on the Fourth by making it "Try to be like Jill day."
Unfortunately, I don't think it worked. Her cuteness simply can't be copied. Trust me. I tried.


R Sorber said...

Aww, I sure missed you guys! It looks like a great time was had by all, and that Elodie and Xander made some wonderful memories. If there's a next time we'll be on board, for sure!

Tracy said...

Why can't I think of the old reunion song?? It's in there...I just know it!