Friday, July 24, 2009

Use it or lose it

I should be carefully writing a proof of one of the following statements right now.
The action of a linear transformation T: U → V is completely determined by its action on a basis B = {u 1, u 2, ..., u n} for the domain U. OR
The range of a linear transformation T: U → V is a subspace of the codomain V. OR
The linear transformation T: U → V is one-to-one if, and only if, ker T = {0}.

Decisions, decisions. Which statement shall I prove? Unfortunately for me, my brain is more used to decisions like which of the following recipes shall I make for dinner tonight, or which of the following parks within walking radius should we visit today. My poor brain hasn't done higher level mathematics since, oh, let's see, 1998. These proofs are making me wonder if that part of my brain has atrophied!

Regardless, I must prove what the online Linear Algebra course tells me to prove, for I seem to have NOT lost my procrastination skills that I had perfected in high school. This online course that you have a luxurious year to complete expires in a month and I'm not wasting my $411! Plus, I really do LOVE math and I'm excited to go back to teaching math at some point in the future. At which point I want to have a teaching license.

So my kids have gotten a little less attention and watched a few more videos from the library in the last week, which apparently put our TV over the edge. I think it's fritzed out for good. (So much for my free babysitter!) That's why Xander is begging me to play Cootie with him instead of being mesmerized by the What's in Space? show I so lovingly selected for him.


Michelle Eddy said...

I have an extra t.v. you can borrow to get you over the hump if you'd like. Nothing fancy, but it works! Let me know if you are desperate, er I mean, interested!


Marliese said...

Monette, maybe you are truly the smartest one in the family...or at least you were 10 years ago. :)Good for you, working to keep up your teaching license--now that's smart.

Mirien said...

Marliese--what are you saying?? Hope Meredith doesn't find out. And, Monette, I am truly impressed. Your kids will not need to seek elsewhere for help with math homework. My calculus skills are so far gone that Alyssa will be completely on her own this year.