Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Princess and the Helicopter

Xander and Elodie were making some pretty elaborate plans as they sat in the double stroller on the way to the grocery store this morning. We saw two helicopters flying at the same time, which was pretty mesmerizing. Naturally, Xander declared that he wants to fly a helicopter when he grows up. Elodie took this opportunity to repeat her future plans. "When I drow up, I want to be a princess." I was curious about what she thinks that entails. "They dance at the ball," she informed me.

Xander: "Elodie, I can take you to the ball in my helicopter!"
Elodie: "You tan? Tan I dance at the ball?"
Xander: "Yeah. And you can eat dinner on the helicopter. You fold down the seat, and then you put your dinner on it, and then you pull down the thing, and you can watch a movie. Elodie, You. Can. Watch. A movie. While. You. Eat." (He punctuated each word as if that was the most unbelievable thing.)
Elodie: "Oh."
Xander: "And I'll pick you up in my helicopter after the ball. But you can't marry me, because I'm your brother. And you can't marry Dad. No. ... You can marry Cooper. (He's a cute little 3-year-old from nursery.) Do you want to marry Cooper?"
Elodie: "Um, yeah, I do."

Don't you wish you had a helicopter pilot for an older brother? Talk about first class.


merathon said...

the princess and the helicopter-- sounds like a fabulous children's book that hasn't been written yet... write and publish it and it could pay aaron's way through PA school!

that's so cute. i love listening to conversations between little kids!

Karey said...

I second Meredith's idea! That would be a great little book!

by the way, I answered your question in the comments of my blog :)

Mirien said...

That is first class, right, Tyler? I love those plans, and Z and E will laugh about those in the future, like when we remind Evan that his goal was to drive a garbage truck with his fingernail polish on.

And the princess thing? Corinne was disappointed when we had to explain that a temple wedding ceremony does not consist of dancing around the temple in fancy clothes. Isn't that what a Disney wedding consists of?

Marliese said...

Ahhh, it's a tender relationship between big brother and little sister.

I remember Tessa nursing action figures back to health when Tyler would blow them up. And Tyler definitely thinks the helicopter ride is first class. He's dictating the children's book about this scenario to me right now...