Monday, September 5, 2011


Bye, Katy! We'll miss you! Living with you at Melayna's was a neverending party!We loved living close to family! It was so fun to celebrate Xander's birthday (a bit early) with Meredith and Patrick (and his mom who is always a pleasure to see) and Kendall (Xander's special cousin buddy) and Berkeley and Emery and Melayna and Grandma and Grandpa and Milan and Rachael in Meredith's backyard. Xander said he wanted ice cream cones instead of a cake, so we just made it into a "cake" by flipping a bucket of ice cream onto a plate and putting candles in it. Super simple and super fun.
Stopping in Utah to see Mirien's family and return her awesome boys was loads of fun. We'll miss being only 8 hours from them. Elodie adores playing with Corrinne.
Gotta love Uncle Mitchell!
We got to spend Father's Day with Ben's family and Nancy's family in Washington. I just love getting a bunch of cousins together. This is the stuff memories are made of!
Goodbye, lower 48! We'll miss seeing all of you as frequently as we used to!

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Rachel Sorber said...

So fun to read and catch up on your summer. How are the kids liking their new school there? Are you doing any sort of pre-school for Elodie this year? Love to hear more.... :)