Monday, September 5, 2011


Marliese had a great idea this year--to gather up everybody who could make it and spend a few days in the historic city of Nauvoo. She found a great house for us all to stay in and we spent three days seeing the sites and shows. One of my favorite parts was the carriage ride through the country around Nauvoo--the guide told inspiring stories about the prophet Joseph and the early saints who spent a few peaceful years in the beautiful city. Going to the rebuilt Nauvoo temple was also a special experience--it was wonderful to sit and ponder the symbolism and the sacrifice. All around, it was a perfect trip! I am so glad we got to spend the time with Marliese's family, Mirien's awesome sons, Melayna, Milan and Rachael, and my parents before we headed off to the last frontier!

Our first stop on the way from Des Moines, Iowa to Nauvoo, Illinois was the Carthage Jail where the Prophet Joseph and his brother Hyrum were martyred. When we were just minutes away from the town of Carthage, we experienced a tender mercy of the Lord. Aaron got an email (aren't smartphones great?) announcing that he had passed the Board Exam he had taken exactly one week before! This news was just what he needed to completely relax and enjoy the vacation. The timing was beautiful. What an amazing feeling to have nothing hanging over his head!!
"Here comes the ox cart, oh how slow!" Xander, Elodie, and Tessa were pretty thrilled because they got to sit up front and "drive."
There were plenty of chances to remember how easy we have it these days. Running water instead of running for water--beautiful! Notice how sleepy Elodie is in the background. Sightseeing is tiring business!
The view of the Mississippi River from the temple.

What a great group of people!
Hazel was a great sport through it all, catching a nap on the go whenever she could!
I love these kids!
I love this big kid, too! Spending time together at Marliese's was lots of fun, too! Thanks for the memories, guys!

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Marliese said...

Great post! I haven't checked your blog in too long...and I see I've been missing out! We loved that excursion to Nauvoo with all y'all. Thank YOU for making the trip EAST, when you were about to embark on a huge trip west and north! Sort of out of your way, but we are so glad you made time for us.