Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Best Medicine

Always good for a laugh!

The other night, I was pretty exhausted and my mood was less than chipper, we'll just say. So Aaron took it upon himself to put Xander in this gettup (shredding courstesy of our hungry washing machine) and, unbenounced to me, prompted him to shout "fighting crime!" and strike a pose when asked, "Whoa, what were you doing last night?" So I come upstairs, and Aaron asks, "Whoa, Xander, what were you doing last night?" Xander shouts, "Fighting grapes!" and strikes his best super hero pose. That snapped me right out of it!

Elodie got a little sick right after we brought Dexter home. Thursday we took her temperature with an axillary thermometer and she had a little temperature--38.2. The next morning I was commenting to her that she didn't seem to have a fever anymore. She pointed to her armpit and said, "Yeah, I had a fever in there."

(A little later, while I'm on the phone.) "Mom! Mom! Mo-ooom! The step is icky!" Why was the step icky? Because Elodie threw up on it, and then just went on playing, not feeling the need to tell Mommy to get a little sympathy or popsicle or anything. She's no wimp when it comes to sick! And when I ask her if she feels sick, she says, "No, I'm better." She's got quite the positive attitude!

Xander is into quantifying things lately. After dinner, we were eating the ice cream generously given to us with the dinner. Xander wasn't satisfied with the size scoop I gave him. "No, I want a lot! I want 83mls." He defnitely has his ears tuned when I'm talking about his little brother. I mean, he and Elodie pretend that their baby dolls go to the hospital "to get surgery."

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