Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dr. Expert Neurologist

Dexter went back to see the expert neurologist last week, and unfortunately the news was not as hopeful as her assessment back at five days old. He has now had three EEGs in his short little life, and the Doc was hoping to see some improvements, some maturation, some neurological development. But no, it has stayed pretty much the same. She said she's very concerned and called it "neurological dysfunction." During the last EEG, they filmed Dexter so they could correlate his movements with the wave patterns. From that, Dr. Expert found that the spikes in brain activity were correlated with his full-body jerks. She called that myoclonus and prescribed a B vitamin that may help reduce its incidence. The EEG also showed that his sleep patterns aren't really differentiated from his wakeful patterns, and that his overall brain activity is suppressed, meaning the line is mostly flat instead of bumpy like it should be. Concerning to the neurologist. Definitely concerning to us. Especially concerning to all of us is that his brain doesn't seem to be making progress with regulating basic functions like swallowing. It's frustrating that he's not making progress in the milk swallowing department, but it's downright frightening that he hasn't mastered swallowing his own saliva--I do not like hearing my sweet little baby choke and sputter while I watch, completely helpless. Poor little guy. He's so helpless--even more than your average newborn--and to make it worse, his mom is pretty helpless, too. I feel like I have no "Mom power" with him. When a baby cries, Mom's the one with the power to make it all better by holding or rocking or nursing, right? I'm trying to get to know Dexter and what makes him feel content with life, but I've got a long way to go. I am grateful that the Lord is helping and strengthening and assuring me that all is well. Thanks for your support, everyone. Even though Dexter is home and we've kind of settled into life, we still appreciate your prayers. We need all the help we can get around here!


Sarah said...

That is so hard. I know exactly what you mean when you say you want your "Mom powers" with him. I guess kids all come with their different challenges, so it's an adjustment every time. I can't pretend to understand the challenges he's presenting you with though. We'll be keeping you in our prayers! And Dexter too!

Tracy said...

Oh Monette, we ARE still thinking of your family and praying for the best. I can't imagine the challenges you're dealing with on a moment to moment basis, but I do know sweet Dexter is lucky lucky lucky to have you for his mom. Certainly he can feel your love.

The Deru said...

Monette, you're such a wonderful mother. Where some might shrink, you press forward with love and faith. You are strong and capable and inspired. Baby Dexter couldn't have been placed in a better family for his nurture, love and development. I know his challenges are there for a reason-- we'll just have to see why. I believe in you and love you! Thanks for sharing your strength.

Love, Miriam