Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One Month Old

Dexter's second month of life is off to a much better start than his first one! He really seems to be enjoying life at home. He's been calm, comfortable and content. I've been amazed by how at ease he's seemed--I've rarely seen him startle or jerk, and the last couple of days at the hospital, it was the norm. He was even awake and alert for over three hours in a row this morning. All of us really enjoyed having him around today. I do feel like I spent all day pumping, attempting bottle-feeding, and then G-tube feeding, but in reality, I got more done today than I have with the multiple hospital visits. Last night when we returned with Dexter, Xander said, "Mom, I'm so glad you don't have to go anymore!" Me too! It feels so good to have our whole family at home together. But if you look closely at this next picture, you'll see that I still need some work on the home oxygen thing. Gratefully, the home oxygen delivery guy stopped by later and gave us more of those sticky cheek circles, so we shouldn't be oxygenating his eye anymore. Pretty soon I'm sure all of this will feel normal.


Stephenson family said...

He looks so happy to be home! I bet you are glad you do not have to be going back and forth any more. I hope all continues to go well and you will be able to get enough sleep!!

thepersonaltouch said...

I showed Randy the picture and he said "oh, they're oxgenating his eyes"! LOL! Glad you got the sticky things, will make it much easier to keep it in place.

Dexter looks so happy to be home. Before long you'll get into a good routine with him.

Hugs, Roxane & Randy

Sarah said...

I can't believe he is one month old already, although I'm sure you can! I am so glad that you are all home now. Dexter looks like he's haapily adjusting to life there!

The Deru said...

Dexter's adorable. Look at those dark bright eyes!