Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 30--Back to baseline

Since the nurses at The Children's Hospital don't know Dexter very well, they've been asking me, "Is this baseline for him?" Well today, I'd say he was pretty much back to baseline. He even got to try taking a bottle again today. It wasn't his best attempt ever, but Dad was doing it for the first time, and Dexter's not the hugest fan of change. The G-tube is doing its job--Dexter is up to his full volume of milk via enteral feeds (that's another fancy way of saying it) and is tolerating it well. Which means he's still on track to go home Wednesday. And Aaron and I will be attending a G-tube class tomorrow so we can learn to feed our own baby, and then we'll be on track for him to survive at home. We're sure he's going to do much more than survive at home; he's going to thrive! As Aaron put it in the Care Conference last week, we're going to get him home and give him all the love that he can stand! Bring it on.

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