Thursday, March 12, 2009

Music to my ears

Dexter actually cried last night! Woohoo! Aaron was doing his G-tube care and Dexter was bothered enough by it to let out a real cry. That's saying something considering that on Monday he had a doctor's appointment in which they did all the regular prodding, took blood from his heel, gave him three vaccine shots, and he didn't cry for any of it. My previous experience as a mother taught me that shots equal screaming. Dexter likes to break the mold. On the third shot he did whimper, but that was it. Three weeks without crying. And last night wasn't a fluke--this morning, he woke me up with a little fussing. It was rather refreshing. Dexter remembering that he has a voice is definitely progress.

Yesterday and today have been SLEEPY days; he's making up for lost time and enjoying every second of it, by the looks of it.
When he wants to sleep, he's not easily disturbed. Even all this noisy rough-housing (while Aaron was trying to get some studying in) right by his bassinet didn't phase him a bit.


Kathy said...

Monette, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. We love your family and wish we lived closer, but such is the lot of the Lowe family. Dexter has the most precious little face. I just love seeing him. In your challenges, you are also blessed. You are a special family - every one of you. I know you value and cherish each other everyday. Again, thank you for the gift you give us every time you write.

All our love,
Aunt Kathy and all the Vaughns

arizonamama said...

That picture of Aaron trying to study is very familiar in our home as well. We're thinking about you guys. Good luck with everything.