Sunday, March 22, 2009


Aaron's three best buddies in the world popped in for a last minute male-bonding weekend and everyone had SO much fun. His nephew Ryan drove up from Texas; his buddy Ricky drove down from Montana, and his brother Ben flew in from Washington. Adventure, fun, survival, dreams, brotherly love, it was all shared. We had a GREAT time together. All of us were so grateful that they sacrificed their time and means to come vacation with us. In case any of you are getting any ideas, yes, we LOVE visitors and all are welcome on little to no notice! This surprise visit sure spiced up an otherwise laborious Spring Break week for Aaron.Relaxing after the guys worked themselves over skiing all day. I don't think Aaron had been since we've been married (nearly 6 years).
Xander LOVED playing with "Uncle" Ryan--Xander found the little stinkpuff game they made up especially hilarious!
Now that Xander actually knows these uncles, he's been periodically reminding me all day how much he loves them.
Everyone got to bask in Dexter's sweetness. And you can, too. Come on over!


merathon said...

i'm assuming that YOU knew they were all coming, just not aaron, right?

The Dahle Family said...

False assumption, Mer. I think it was kinda spur of the moment for all of them.