Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 21

Xander really pays attention to the conversations that go on around here. Today he asked me, "How many mils did Dexter drink?" In case any of you have the same question, I'll give you the quick update. This morning he drank 24ml, which is pretty good, but he got overexcited way too many times and gulped himself nearly blue (meaning lots of desats). Tonight he took 12ml, with a few overexcited bursts and several minutes of good pacing. With such thick milk, it seems like good pacing doesn't neccesarily go with lots of mils. We're going for quality and quantity, which is a lot to ask of this little guy!

The nurse thinks they should do a swallow study on him before his Care Conference to check for reflux and see how well he's really swallowing. That means they put barium in his milk and watch it as it goes down. It sounds like a good idea to me--I want as much information as possible before I take this guy home!


Trent, Tina, and the kids: said...

Hang in there guys!

Stephenson family said...

Good luck with the swallow study. I hope it goes well.


Ransoms said...

We have faith, too. We're praying for you.