Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 22--Three weeks old!

Dexter had his first bath today, and I didn't have my camera with me. He was not exactly a fan of it. I think new things are rough on him. He kept startling and arching his back and tensing up; we were hoping the warm water would help relax his muscles. Oh well, it was fun to see him without all of the leads and monitoring things taped to his chest and feet.

Besides that, there's nothing new to report. When he ate with the nurse this morning, he did his overexcited burst where he keeps gulping instead of breathing even after you take the bottle out of his mouth, and his heart rate dropped down to 80 ( it's generally around between 130 and 170), which is apparently pretty concerning, so the nurse stopped it at that and recommended no more bottle feeds until after the swallow study tomorrow morning. He had gotten 10 ml. I'm glad that Dexter has experienced people looking out for him--I feel like they're really helping him get off to the best start possible for him. The nurse who had him today is so great (she's one of his regulars). When we got there after church he was chilling in a baby swing with a jungle mobile for entertainment. And the bath was her suggestion. She also found a vibrating bouncer with moving spiders and music for him to try out last week. She doesn't just let him lie in the same spot in the same position all day, and I really appreciate that. I'm grateful for good nurses who are cheerful and considerate for their entire 12 hour shift. They make such a difference.

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Karey said...

It sounds like you have wonderful nurses! That must be such a comfort to you! Your description of Dexter's bath reminds me a LOT of Lincoln's early baths! During his first one he was crying so hard he was purple! We love you!