Saturday, January 10, 2009

A few OTHER bumps in the road

So Tuesday as we were driving home from the hospital with a breastpump instead of a baby in tow, the Excursion started to make a very loud and disturbing noise. But when you pushed on the brakes, it stopped. And when you turned on a blinker, it stopped. And then the grinding fingernails-on-the-chalkboard-but-louder sound came right back. Aaron and I just looked at each other and laughed, "This, too, shall pass!" We weren't laughing quite as much when we drove it home from the mechanic's yesterday nearly $1000 poorer, but we reassured ourselves with the knowledge that we'd done our part to boost the shrivelling economy. Boy, that feels good!

Wednesday, we decided to take advantage of what seemed the perfect opportunity. Friday before Dexter was born I broke my tooth while eating Frosty's Chex Mix of all things, and it's driving my tongue crazy. I'm not sure why that unruly tongue has to make sure it's still broken every 15 minutes. Yep, it still is. Well Aaron happened to get an email on Tuesday about a chance to get free dental work done by the dental students who are about to graduate this year. So we went and waited for over 2 hours to find that I did have 2 cavities that would qualify for the board exams, so they might be fixed for free, but that my broken tooth needs a crown which will cost around $1000 if we go to a fully certified Dentist and $500 and at least twice the length of time if I go to the student clinic. And if I put it off too long, I was assured the pleasure of a root canal. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

"Mom, the toilet won't flush again." Oh yeah, we turned off the water to the toilet because it wouldn't stop filling the tank and we figured we've flushed enough money down the toilet lately. Maybe we should fix that so Xander can flush again. Uhhh, maybe later.


merathon said...

okay, so i'm finally updated on everything now, after talking to melayna and reading the blog. i was so excited to hear all the positive news. i think i'm going to start calling you job now-- all this with dexter and then the car, the tooth, AND the toilet? i love that you guys just laugh and say, "this too shall pass!" that's my little sis, all right!

Trent, Tina, and the kids: said...

Holy Crow guys. Wow.