Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 26

Just a quickie because I really gotta get to bed! (FYI, my blog is an hour off where it shows the time posted. I wonder why, and I have no idea how to fix that.)

Dexter is scheduled for surgery Saturday morning at 8:30 at The Children's Hospital, which means he'll be transferred to their NICU tomorrow. We decided that it's in his best interest to get both the G-tube and the Nissen fundoplication. As far as surgeries go, they assure me that these are fairly common and routine and quick, but there are risks inherent in all surgery and anesthetics and he has to be intubated for the surgery, so please pray for Dexter extra hard Saturday morning. I'm grateful that a lot of you Relief Society sisters will be at the temple Saturday morning praying for my little guy while he's actually in surgery! I love you all--thanks SO MUCH for your support!

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Ransoms said...

Oh Monette, we will definitely be praying for Dexter...that his surgery will be successful and without problem. And also that he will make a smooth transition to home and will continue to improve. What a special spirit you have in your care!