Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 27--Poor guy

Dexter was transferred to The Children's Hospital today, which is right next door to University Hospital, but he had to be transported by ambulance, not because his condition merited it but because it's policy. And I didn't even get to be there for the big adventure. As you would expect, emergency transports come before elective transports, so he kept getting bumped back. At 1:30 the hospital called me and said he'd be moving at 2:30, so I got Elodie up from her nap and headed over to the hospital only to find that an emergency up north had called the NICU transport team away and it wouldn't be happening until 5:00 or maybe 6:00. So Aaron and I decided to go along with our original plans to have a night out while we had the chance. As we were leaving the temple around 7:00, the hospital called and said he'd be transported in 5 minutes, but we were 25 minutes away, so we again decided to go along with our original plans and we went to Chipotle (courtesy of a generous, kind-hearted friend) and a movie (courtesy of a gift certificate for Aaron being a good TCH employee).

After that, we went to Children's and visited Dexter in the new NICU. It felt weird--the University NICU had really come to feel like home. We miss all of Dexter's nurses and therapists and doctors already--they took such good care of our little guy. Hopefully Dexter won't be at Children's long enough to make it feel like home. If all goes well, he could be home Tuesday or Wednesday!! As I held Dexter so peacefully in my arms tonight, I just felt so bad sending the little guy to surgery tomorrow. Poor little guy!


Mirien said...

We'll be praying that all goes well tomorrow. Love you!

Karey said...

We're thinking of you this morning! Hope everything is going perfectly!