Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 8 and workin' hard

Today brought Dexter's first physical therapy session, which tuckered him right out. He's not a huge fan of being messed with, and getting him to "develop more normal tone" involves being messed with. The therapist also addressed his feeding needs and suggested that we not push Dexter too fast or too hard and try to recognize his cues better. It was a little discouraging to think of slowing down our goal of feeding since feeding means taking him home. But Dexter is such a sweet little guy and trying to take a bottle really does tucker him out, too, so I can see what she's saying. It looks like I'll have the opportunity to continue to develop the much-needed virtue of patience.

Spending so much time away from Xander and Elodie has really made me appreciate how cute and funny those two are. Just now we were reading scriptures before bed, and Elodie asked, "What's seed?" I explained to her that in that context, it means your kids and your grandkids. And she said, "Oh, my drandtids. Yeah, I know." It just struck me as so funny, as if that made perfect sense to her. And this morning, Xander was having a bit of a rough time (I think this week has worn on him too) and I asked him if he could smile. He said he might be able to if I told him a good joke. So I tried really hard to think of a Xanderish joke, and here's what I came up with, "Why did the caterpillar eat the tree?" He started laughing and said, "That was a good joke!" I hope you guys liked that joke, too. For him, they don't seem to need a punchline, just a really funny question.

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Mirien said...

Monette, your blog is really living up to its name. Thanks for the daily updates! We are so happy to hear about Dexter's progress. Last night Corinne prayed, "Bless baby Dexter that he will get away from the hospital soon and stay healthy forever." And I also loved the quotes from Xander and Elodie. What a great joke!